Auditing Scheme

What is the TANU Auditing Scheme?

As part of our launch program, Transparency ANU is implementing a volunteer auditing scheme designed at increasing the accountability of ANU’s clubs & societies.

To enable us to this do, we have sought 15 volunteer auditors from across the ANU campus with a commerce/economics background to participate in this program.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to build their skill-set and to work with the campus contact of Transparency International Australia, a leading global not-for-profit which is partnered with major accounting firms such as PwC, Deloitte and KPMG, which also conduct similar audits on its behalf, albeit on corporate entities. As such, this initiatives serves to mirror the nature of pro-bono work conducted during employment at the aforementioned firms.
The time commitment for each auditor is around 1-2hrs per week and entails the audit of the finances of 1 club and society.
Auditors report back to us on any discrepancies, which will then note and compile as part of a report we intend to publish at the end of process.

What do we do with the audit report?

TANU incentivises the auditing process by recognising societies which have been shown to demonstrate accountable processes.
The report will be used to help achieve the following objectives:

  • To improve the accountability of ANU’s Clubs & Societies through:
    • Ensure compliance with GAC policies
    • Monitoring and reviewing the finances of clubs & societies for instances of fraud and other financial impropriety
    • To link GAC funding conditionality to the rating we award to clubs and societies

Audit Guidelines

Will be released at a later date.


Societies involved in the 2016 ANU Society Audit

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Audit Results

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